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Independent Scholars' Evenings

2003 Events

2003 Fall Session:

Augustana President and Mrs. Steven C. Bahls

September 25th, 2003

6:00pm Cocktails and Hors d’Oeuvres
6:30 pm Annual International Dinner
7:30pm presentation at The Independent Scholars' Evenings venue: 2nd floor of The Moline Club
513 16th Street Moline, Illinois, 61265
RSVP (309) 762-8547 - The Moline Club
Attendance at dinner is not necessary for attendance of the presentation.
The Independent Scholars’ Evenings
sponsored by The Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions, Ltd. a 501(c)3 organization
1530 5th Avenue Moline, Illinois, 61265 309 762-9202 www.qcinstitute.org
"The Role of Liberal Arts College in the Community"
presentation by
Augustana College President - Steven C. Bahls
Commencing the 8th Year for
The Independent Scholars' Evenings
President Bahls, the eighth president of Augustana College is fromDesMoines, and obtained his bachelor's degree with highest distinction at the University of Iowa College of Business.
He obtained his law degree, cum laude, at Northwestern University School of Law.
Prior to his career in higher education, President Bahls practiced corporate law in Milwaukee.
He then served as associate dean and professor at the University of Montana School of Law, and most recently as dean and professor at Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio.
While in Ohio, he was a member of the Columbus Downtown Rotary and served on the boards of Columbus Works, an inner city job readiness skill training program; the Discovery District Development Corporation, the Columbus Bar Association and the Ohio State Bar Foundation.
A recognized and published scholar in the area of business and agricultural law, he served as president of the American Agricultural Law Association in 2000.
President Bahls and his wife Jane have three children.
Daniel is a math and English major at Williams College, Timothy is a math and computer science major at Middlebury College and Angela will be entering seventh grade.

OCTOBER 2003 Events

2nd. Celebration of Expressive Arts.
Featured Writer Tony Cadoso, Musician Cathy Wetzel and Visual Artist Tony Ledtje
9th. Healthy Eating for 2003 and Beyond
Presentation by Dana Johnson Nutritionist at Trinity Hospital
16th. The DaVinci Code.
IONS book discussion let by Janet Darmour-Paul
23rd. Forum:
Exploring the Docu-Fiction Research for The DaVinci Code
30th. Discouse of the Hysterical
Jeanneth Vazquez, P.Hd. Assistant Professor of Spanish Augustana College. Faculty for Women and Gender Studies.
Every Thursday : 7.00 p.m. 2nd. floor The Moline Club 513 16th. Street. Moline. Il. 61265 |
Free and open to the public.
Refreshments provided.
The Independent Scholars' Evenings are sponsored by the Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions, Ltd.
1530 5th. Ave. Moline. 309 762- 9202

November 2003

Thursdays. 7.p.m.
2nd. Floor of The Moline Club.
513 16th. Street. Moline. (309) 762- 8547
Nov. 6 - "Life on the Mississippi - The New Mellinnium"
Reading from entries made in the manuscript on the Mississippi being maintained by The Institute.
Nov. 13 - Gary Ecklund, publisher of "The Multi-Cultural News"
Nov. 20 -"Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys"
book discussion presented by The Institute for Noetic Sciences.

Nov. 27

Thanksgiving! (no event)
Free and open to the public.
Refreshments provided.
The Independent Scholars' Evenings are sponsored by The Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions, Ltd.
1530 5th. Ave. Moline. 309 762- 9202

December 2003

December 4th.

Celebration of Expressive Arts.
Highlighting the work of the following artists:
Featured Writer: Erskine Carter (poet)
Featured Artist: Bill Wohlford (wood carver)
Featured Musician: Michael DiFuccia (guitarist)
Guest Artist: Kathleen Lawless Cox.

December 11th

Virginia Melroy. Dances of Universal Peace.
Virginia will be coming in from The University of Iowa to conduct the dance of the Sufi. The event is sponsored by The Institute for Noetic Sciences.

December 18th.

Libby and Curt Roseman: Illustrated Presentation: The Grand Excursion of 1854 and th Upper Mississippi River.
The 1854 Grand Excursion took 1000 guests on a train trip from Chicago to Rock Island, Illinois and a steamboat ride to St. Paul in the Minnesota Territory. It was hosted by the builders of the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad, the first railroad to reach the Mississippi River from the East.
This presentation features colorful illustrations (nineteenth and twentieth century photos and landscape art, color postcards, and maps) that tell the story of the Grand Excursion and related aspects of the history, environment, and geography of the Upper Mississippi River. Based on a new book edited by Curtis and Elizabeth Roseman, Grand Excursions on the Upper Mississippi River, University of Iowa Press, spring 2004.

2003 Spring Session


March 27th. 2003 - 7pm
By: Monica P. Castaneda:
"Feng shui for the Calmness and Balance of the Home and Environment."
According to Oriental Philosophy happiness is a state that comes from within when:
the CHI (life force) energy is flowing smoothly there is a balance of Yin and Yang (negative and positive poles) the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) are in harmony with each other
Well being, according to this, is independent from external factors. Furthermore, the state of a person's mind, body and soul are mirrored in the spaces in which they live and work.
Feng Shui is the art of Space Arrangement. It operates from the premise that by making changes in our homes and workplaces so that they will show the signs of Life Thriving, we can influence our internal mental, physical and emotional processes.
Monica P. Castaneda holds a degree in Architecture from the Central University of Ecuador, her native country. She has also received extensive training as a visual artist. Her interest in Feng Shui led her to study the principles behind the art in order to adapt it to the needs and belief systems of the Western Culture. She has studied meditation, metaphysics, and the native North and South American approaches to space, and incorporates these into her practice. She is also an instructor of Macrobiotics Cuisine and a student of Tai-Chi.

The Moline Club
2nd. Floor.
513 16th. Street
The Independent Scholars’ Evenings is sponsored by The Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions, Ltd.
1530 5th. Ave.

April 10th 2003

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April 17th 2003

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April 17th 2003

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Thursday, May 1, 2003 - 7pm

“Concepts and Tools for Anger Management”
Presented by Jean Brownson, therapist for Catholic Charities in Rock Island, specializing in anger management, grief/loss, crisis and family intervention.
Ms. Borwnson has facilitated groups for individuals to discover healthier responses to their anger that would guide them into more effective ways of understanding, communicating and caring. She will be sharing her experiences and a few concepts that have helped others deal with their feelings of anger.
The World Recipe Sampler for this evening will be Miso Soup.

Thursday, May 8, 2003, 7pm -

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“The Poetry of Dr. Lisa Arbisser”
Presented by Dr. Lisa Arbisser, co-founder of Eye Surgeons Associates
Like many of us, Dr. Arbisser has a multi-faceted life. She is not only an accomplished eye surgeon in the Quad Cities but also writes poetry. Come hear her debut reading from her original works.
The World Recipe Sampler for this evening will be Middle Eastern Chick Pea Soup.

Thursday, May 15, 2003, 7pm,

“Touch Therapy: The Benefits of Bodywork”
Dino Hayz, Licensed Massage Therapist (Iowa and Illinois)
Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Reiki Practitioner
Headaches, backaches, muscle tension, short temper, the effects of stress...these things seem to be the plague of the day in our society. What's the cure? More and more people are turning to complementary and alternative medicine to relieve some of the dis-ease they feel in their lives. Dino Hayz, a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist and bodyworker, will explain some of the different forms of bodywork he uses to help his clients (massage therapy, reflexology, reiki and polarity therapy) and will also give you some tips to you in relieving your own ailments the natural way.
The World Recipe Sampler for this evening will be Japanese Seaweed Salad.

Thursday, May 22, 2003, 7pm, -

“Mississippi Valley Poetry Competition: Poetry Reading”
Presented by local and regional winners and finalists of the competition.
The World Recipe Sampler for this evening will be California Rolls (avocado and cucumber)

Thursday, May 29, 2003, 7pm –

“World Rhythms in Original Music”
Presented by singer/songwriter and recording artist Olenka
The rhythms of Brazil, Cuba, Africa, Egypt, Bali, Finland, and Southern Poland, with touches of South Indian drum language, will be presented Olenka’s original songs, with previews of Olenka’s new CD, Rhythms of Another Life.
The World Recipe Sampler for this evening will be Peruvian “Ceviche Style” Rice with Chicken.